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Jetlagged But Not Stopping-Paris Day 1

First night in Paris was awesome! Flew into Heathrow first and met a pretty dope person who ended up sitting next to me on my transferring flight.

Slightly jet lagged and all, I did 3 songs at a jazz bar, 1 in Spanish, finally got to see my cousin perform, and  my US friend bring down the house with her skills. I actually forgot the word’s to a Billie Holiday song, but saved myself by using jazzing it up. Sorry Billie…I blame it on the alcohol. Speaking of which, every time I sit down, my cousin offers me wine lol.  I realize drinking wine is a lifestyle. I went shopping with my cousin and yes we got some food (caviar, blinis, salad, smoked salmon, cheese), but we spent most of our time in the wine section and he ended up buying 6 bottles of wine. Guess I will be constantly drinking here and always slightly buzzed lol.

Another interesting thing I noticed is Paris is a whole lot more then what is shown on tv. It reminds me of parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn, then there’s the graffiti that throws one off. The most mind-blowing thing was seeing KFC and a Pizza Hut, definitely wasn’t expecting that lol.  The speed limit on a highway is generally 80-90 (I would fit in here then).And there are definitely tons of motorcyclist who go well above those speeds. Also, if you hit someone, you pretty much lose your license for life. If we had such laws in NYC, we’d be out of cab driver’s lol.

I can see the Eiffel Tower from his home, which is lovely. I must say my French is painful. I am like Bloomberg when he attempts Spanish; pretty awful, but I am working on it. I have meetings, some actual touristing  and perhaps some more performing to do. No one knows me here so, perfect time to try out new material and get over stage fright. Can’t believe that was just one day…time for a nap!

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